Not so famous -- but great sauce!

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Proceeds go to Charity

Fu-Daddy’s (not so famous) BBQ Sauce

Did we mention its great sauce?

A Unique Blend of the Finest Ingredients
combined with the skill of a Mongolian Chef! (not really).
Fu-Daddy’s is a  BBQ sauce with a robust and hearty flavor that will please the whole family.

Perfect for any grilling occasion, Fu-Daddy’s is a unique example of the Southwest BBQ Sauce tradition.

Handmade by the Fu-Daddy himself, this sauce has a flavor that should not be missed and a mission that’s hard to resist -- read on.

The Story of Fu-Daddy’s...

After 2 years of waiting and bureaucratic paperwork, my wife Sally and I traveled to Nanchang, China in the Jiangxi province, to meet our little Mariah -- soon to be our adopted daughter! She really

The Fu-Daddy
The Fu Daddy at
The Great Wall

was little, only 11 pounds on her first birthday!  Her Chinese name was Fu Yan

Miss Mariah


We've met so many families who've made the same journey we did that I decided to bottle my not-so-famous BBQ sauce as a give out at Christmas time for friends and family.

Thinking myself clever, I took my daughter's surname -- Fu -- and became the Fu-Daddy,  hence the name...

Fu-daddy's not-so-famous BBQ sauce.

... and how it came to be a mission.

The next thing I knew, people I never expected wanted my sauce and even offered to pay for it. I was making more and more of it by request and I wanted to do something great with my sauce profits. I decided to donate the proceeds to an orphanage in China that takes care of sick and unwanted infants.

The orphanage is named the

House of Joy in Lang Fang
House of Joy

"House of Joy" and is located in Lang Fang -- midway between Beijing and Tianjin. It's run by a great couple and doesn't receive any help from the government of China. Its only support is through the donations of others.

Children at the “House of Joy” live with house parents in residential homes with yards and a park-- unlike traditional orphanages. The "House of Joy" also provides full time medical care and an onsite school.

The Fu-Daddy’s promise.

Fu-Daddy's is my way of providing support for the sick and unwanted children of China.
A portion of the price of every bottle will go to the "House of Joy" in Lang Fang.

Oh, did I mention its a great sauce?
Thanks for your support and happy grilling,

The Fu-Daddy -- AKA

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Also, coming soon... Fire Daddy’s!

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